Chris Doering Mortgage Proud to Sponsor Local Event

Chris Doering Mortgage was proud to sponsor Madness and Mayhem Inc.’s Haunted House and Graveyard event in High Springs, FL last October. The annual experience is run by volunteers to raise funds that benefit local charities through this Gainesville event.

Madness and Mayhem Inc., a 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable organization that cares with scares, is pleased to announce their donation to four other local charitable organizations from funds raised at their recent Haunted House and Graveyard event that was held in October 2015. The High Springs Museum, Our Santa Fe River, M.A.P. for Youth and Plenty of Pit Bulls received a total of $4,000 from Madness and Mayhem Inc.’s ticket sales proceeds.

Each year, an incredible amount of time is involved with the haunt’s production. Even though planning for this year’s haunt began in February of 2015, recorded hours did not begin until August. With over 100 volunteers, approximately 4,500 total volunteer hours were recorded from August 15, 2015 through November 17, 2015. During that time, many hours still went unrecorded.

Madness and Mayhem Inc.’s 2015 haunt was held in High Springs, FL at the unoccupied old Video City space next to Pepperoni’s on HWY 441. The all-volunteer charity group has fun each year creating a scary, entertaining and haunted environment where people from all over the US and Florida willingly come and pay to be frightened. The event was a huge success with over 1,100 visitors attending their haunt this year.

Thre people holding a check

From left to right:  Chris and Kaitlin New from HSHS, also known as The High Springs Museum, with Jessica Phelan (middle), secretary of Madness and Mayhem presenting their check.

Group of people happy and holding a check

Jessica Phelan (middle front), secretary of Madness and Mayhem Inc. presenting check to Our Santa Fe River (back row from left)  Jim Tatum, Lance Scott, Dennis Shamel, (front row) Rhonda Long, Pamela Smith (president), Merrillee Malwitz Jipson, and Doug Jipson.

Group of people holding a check

Check Presentation to M.A.P. for Youth
Back Row: Reanna Robinson, Betty Nickerson, Sanaa Latham, Wilma Rogers, Jessica Phelan (Madness and Mayhem Inc) Takilah Gray, Alexandria Nickerson, Chloe Louidor, Anjana Gardner
Front Row: Jayven Cromwell, Allayna Gray, Wrex Louidor, Aaliyah Gray.

People outdoors with dogs

Back row: Jessica Phelan Madness and Mayhem Inc. Secretary presenting check to Plenty of Pit Bull organization, POPB Kimberly Taylor, David Smyth, Maddie Smyth
Front Row: POPB “Ned” (available for adoption), Caleb Taylor, “Evie” (available for adoption), Tyler Smyth, and “Ferdinand”.