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Chris Doering Hired as Analyst for SEC Network

Chris Doering One of the SEC Network’s Analyst for the 2015 Season

Friday, August 21, 2015

The SEC Network has released its studio and game commentator roster for the 2015 season and among the newest hires is local Gator great Chris Doering.

It’s hard to find the words to express how excited I am about this next phase of my involvement with the Southeastern conference,” said Doering. “I have passionately been involved with the SEC my entire life and am extremely grateful to continue my association in this capacity.

Doering said as a kid he watched the SEC greats and dreamed of one day following in their footsteps. He was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to carry out that dream at the University of Florida and play amongst the best of the best. Now, joining the SEC Network as an analyst covering what he refers to as the greatest conference in the country, the dream continues.

“I feel truly blessed. It is rare to be able to live out your dreams and for these opportunities, I am humbled and honored,” said Doering. “I would like to thank my family, friends and colleagues that have supported me through this amazing journey. I aim to make them proud.”

In addition to his broadcasting career, Doering manages a full service mortgage company, Chris Doering Mortgage, a division of Loanwise, headquartered in Gainesville, FL.

Official news release from the SEC Network follows:

SEC Network Hires Three New Studio Analysts

SEC Network has set its studio and game commentator roster for the 2015 season. The network ushers in its second football season with a deep returning line-up of commentators and three new studio analysts. Former Southeastern Conference standouts Chris Doering, Jabari Greer and Clint Stoerner are joining the team to provide in-studio analysis on Saturdays and throughout the week in SEC Now.

New Hires and Studio Line-Up

SEC Network’s three new analysts are well known for their football careers in the SEC and will bring their on-field playing experience to commentary surrounding the network’s exclusive college football games.

  • Chris Doering: Florida Hall of Fame wide receiver with three SEC Championships (1993, 1994, 1995) and seven years in the NFL
  • Jabari Greer: A two-sport athlete at Tennessee, breaking Volunteer records in both football and track & field; played ten years in the NFL and won a Super Bowl with the New Orleans Saints in 2010
  • Clint Stoerner: Arkansas quarterback, played in the NFL for five years for the Dallas Cowboys (4) and Miami Dolphins (1)

The trio will join a rotation of studio commentators that includes returning analysts Booger McFarland, a two-time Super Bowl winning defensive lineman and first team All-American at LSU, and Matt Stinchcomb, first round draft pick and two time All-American at Georgia. The line-up will rotate throughout the week on the network’s news & information show SEC Now, and for halftime shows and wraps on football Saturdays, all from the Charlotte, N.C. studios.

SEC Network’s traveling pregame show SEC Nation returns for its sophomore season Saturday, Sept. 5, at Arkansas, with host Joe Tessitore, second-year analyst Marcus Spears, radio host Paul Finebaum, reporter Kaylee Hartung and the addition of the 2010 BCS National Championship quarterback Greg McElroy (previously providing commentary in-studio). In addition to their traveling role on SEC Nation, McElroy and Spears will also appear regularly on SEC Now and The Paul Finebaum Show.

Game Commentators

SEC Network’s 45 exclusive football games will be voiced by a full returning line-up. The first three weeks of SEC games at noon, 4 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. were announced earlier this summer.

Legendary sportscaster Brent Musburger, ESPN analyst and Good Morning America contributor Jesse Palmer and sideline reporter Maria Taylor continue as the network’s lead commentating team for a second season. Analysts Andre Ware and Stinchcomb are set to switch booth partners, with Missouri alumni Tom Hart calling games alongside Heisman Winner Ware, and play-by-play veteran Dave Neal with Stinchcomb.

Full list of ESPN commentating teams here.

First three weeks of college football scheduled on SEC Network:

 Thu, Sept 3 8 p.m. Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt SEC Network
Sat, Sept 5 Noon Louisiana-Monroe at Georgia SEC Network
Noon Tennessee-Martin at Ole Miss SEC Network Alternate
4 p.m. Bowling Green at Tennessee (from Nashville) SEC Network
4 p.m. Southeast Missouri State at Missouri SEC Network Alternate
7:30 p.m. New Mexico State at Florida  SEC Network
7:30 p.m. McNeese State at LSU SEC Network Alternate
 Sat, Sept 12 Noon Jacksonville State at Auburn SEC Network
4 p.m. Middle Tennessee at Alabama SEC Network
4 p.m. Toledo at Arkansas (from Little Rock) SEC Network Alternate
7:30 p.m. Kentucky at South Carolina SEC Network
 Sat, Sept 19th Noon Nevada at Texas A&M SEC Network
4 p.m. Northwestern State at Mississippi State  SEC Network
4 p.m. Austin Peay at Vanderbilt SEC Network Alternate
7:30 p.m.  Florida at Kentucky  SEC Network

Full SEC football schedule for first three weeks here

The SEC Network

The Southeastern Conference and ESPN have a 20-year agreement through 2034 to create and operate a multiplatform network which launched August 14, 2014. The new network and its accompanying digital platform carry SEC content 24/7 and featured more than 1,400 live events the first year. The network televises over 45 SEC football games, more than 100 men’s basketball games, 60 women’s basketball games, 75 baseball games, and events from across the SEC’s 21 sports annually. Programming includes in-depth commentary and analysis in studio shows, daily news and information, original content such as SEC Storied, spring football games, and more. The network has 70 million subscribers in the US and is also available in more than 50 countries throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa via ESPN Player, ESPN’s sports streaming service in the region. Hundreds of additional live events from various sports are offered exclusively as SEC Network+ events via WatchESPN and through authenticated access from AT&T U-verse, Charter, Comcast, Cox, DIRECTV, DISH, Google Fiber, Suddenlink, Verizon FiOS and members of the NCTC, NRTC and NTTC.

To tweet official SEC Network Release:

For more information please contact Tricia Garzon, representative for Chris Doering and Chris Doering Mortgage, at The JAG Agency, Inc. or call 352-240-3542.

Best Tips For Decorating Your New Home

Seven Essential Decorating Suggestions for Adorning Your Dream Home

Congratulations! You own a house! This exciting development may monopolize your mind for some time, but at Chris Doering Mortgage, we want to suggest that as you are settling in, you remember to allot attention to the activity that will enable you to transform this new house into your dream home: decorating. In truth, decorating your new home is a process that you probably won’t finish right away, but the sooner you know the best practices of decorating, the simpler and more satisfying the process will be. Therefore, Chris Doering Mortgage would like to share the seven best tips for decorating your new home in order to get your process off to a great start.

The Seven Best Decorating Tips

  1. Solidify the color scheme

Your new home needs color. Even if the shades are just your favorite neutrals with a pop of a primary color here and there, you will find your house much more inviting and satisfying if it looks more like a painting and less like a plain white canvas. Therefore, determine a color scheme for your home, whether by choosing a color or two to bring through the entire house or by picking an original collaboration of colors for each room. When choosing, allow these tones to be influenced by a source you already adore rather than defaulting to typical authorities like hardware stores or decorating magazines. Let the room reflect the feel of a work of art or the great outdoors, then tattoo the room with colors you love from your inspiration.

  1. Unify and resize the room with color

Painting the walls is both the most cost effective and the most visually effective decorating move you can make. Whether you address every wall with color or simply highlight an accent wall, painting allows you to make a powerful decorating statement that can serve as the aesthetic foundation for the rest of the space. In fact, the addition of color is a detail strong enough to resize a room. Lightly colored walls seem to extend for days, whereas more saturated shades can abbreviate the room’s dimensions. Drenching every inch in the same color expands the space, while packing an oversized room with different hues condenses the coziness. Therefore, color is a transformative tool to wield when decorating your new home.

  1. Define the space with fitting furniture

Turning your house into a home is a goal best achieved by addressing three-quarters of a room with textures, colors, and objects. Your family will feel the freedom to relax and really break in a new place when you treat your house like a home instead of a museum or garage, so give them spots to play, produce, or repose that are scaled to each room’s size. To dodge the extremes of overcrowded or underutilized rooms, use your furniture to reach the mark of just right in the spacing: nothing too big and nothing too small. Determining the proper balance of empty and filled areas requires homeowners to experiment with furniture placement while considering the flow of the room in order to make a manageable maze of objects in each space.

  1. Display your personality and prioritize comfort with furniture

Just as our tastes mature and develop over time, so the decor of our home should come together over time as well. No matter you budget, resist the urge to buy everything from one place because nobody ever walked into a furniture store and left with style, as true decorating style is a unique, custom-curated reflection of personal tastes. Achieving style takes time, so don’t rush through your decorating. Instead, find comfortable pieces you will cherish. Ultimately, comfort is key when acquiring furniture because no matter how good something looks, if it is not comfortable, it is less likely to be used and more likely to be a waste of money.

  1. Balance color with exciting accessories

Use accessories to create the perfect blend of color in the space. Rugs, lamps, pictures, pillows, and other pieces do not all have to match, but they do have to coordinate and help achieve balance in the room. An effectual formula for varying the color throughout a space is 60-30-10: one color dominates 60% of the room, usually by covering the walls; a secondary color fills in 30% of the room, and a feature color pops up in 10% of the room. By following these proportions, you should be able to keep your color scheme consistent and avoid the rainbow effect.

  1. Mix textures and play with pattern

Only so much furniture can be added to a room, but visual interest can increase by incorporating various textures throughout a space. Appropriately placing materials such as fabric, wood, metal, leather, and crystal on walls, floors, and furniture creates an intriguing sense of depth. Also, pattern is important in that it empowers you to experiment with finishing touches and easily change up the overall style of a room. Smaller items like chairs, pillows, and curtains can showcase patterns without overwhelming the eyes, but bigger investment pieces like sofas and tables should usually stay in more neutral shades.

  1. Use lighting to achieve beauty and adjust dimensions

The use of a variety of light sources can give rooms a warming glow, so employ chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, and art lights to add appealing light without resorting to anything harsh or blinding. In general, focus the proper amount of lighting near any workspace, such as the kitchen or bathroom. Furthermore, know that when directed by the purpose of a space, lighting can influence how large or how small a room feels. Repeatedly placing small light sources throughout a room can secure a more intimate ambience, while flipping on an overhead light will emphasize a cavernous space. If a room needs to be opened up, attain an airy atmosphere by letting perfectly positioned mirrors bounce the light to every corner.

The Final and Most Encouraging Tip

The last but most important tip about decorating your new home is that everything can change. The look you have now only has to last as long as you want it to, so take advantage of the opportunity to redo a room later if you so desire. Even structural details can be reworked, but it is much simpler to swap out a rug or a chair, so keep tweaking a design until you love it, or until  something new comes along. Your house is a part of your family that you can play with as much as you want, so do just that: have fun with the process of decorating your new home!


Construction Loan Products Now Available

A construction loan from Chris Doering Mortgage takes construction plans off the drawing board and onto solid ground.

Chris Doering Mortgage, a mortgage lender in Gainesville, FL is proud to announce they are now offering construction loan products again for origination. Known for their affordable mortgage options, Chris Doering and his team are happy to expand their mortgage offerings to construction projects.

Their loan officers can now originate conventional, FHA loans, VA loans, and construction permanent loans with one closing. Those taking out the loan can rest easy knowing Chris Doering Mortgage will support them with stable financing, specialized knowledge, and comfortable terms every step of the way. Interested builders can call the office to speak with one of the mortgage professionals to bring their construction plans to life.

Chris Doering Mortgage also offers a number of home loan programs for buying a home as well as programs for refinancing a home. Visit the office or give them a call today to start discussing the options to obtain an affordable mortgage with terms that are easy to understand.

About the company

Established in April 2007, Chris Doering Mortgage opened its doors in the Gainesville, FL community with a goal to provide exceptional mortgage lender services, and accountability to a mortgage industry that can be both intimidating and overwhelming for potential customers in the market for home loans.

The commitment to skillfully and ethically deliver the highest quality customer service throughout the mortgage process is second to none with the Chris Doering Mortgage team of professionals. They specialize in FHA loans, current mortgage rates, and mortgage refinance options.

The staff is constantly educating themselves on the ever-changing home mortgage landscape and adapting to the changing needs of the real estate industry to meet the expectations of clients.

Make Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) Changes Coming

Chris Doering Mortgage advises Florida homeowners on impending FHA changes.

Gainesville, FL (PRWEB) May 16, 2013

Chris Doering Mortgage advises Florida homeowners on impending FHA changes.

The Federal Housing Administration has made six changes to its mortgage insurance premiums over the last six years. Each modification has increased the short-term cost of using FHA-backed mortgages. The agency’s next change, however, will change its long-term costs.

Beginning on June 3, the FHA will change its long-standing Annual MIP Cancellation Policy. Certain homeowners will lose their right to cancel the annual MIP. Currently, the Federal Housing Administration requires homeowners to pay annual MIP so long as their loan-to-value is greater than 78 percent, where “value” is equal to the last known value of the home. In addition, if the original mortgage term is greater than 15 years, at least 60 payments must have been made on the mortgage before FHA MIP can be automatically cancelled.

Beginning in June, the FHA will move away from an LTV-based system. The new cancellation policy will be as follows: loans beginning at 90 percent LTV or less will pay annual MIP for 11 years and loans beginning at 90 percent LTV or more will pay annual MIP for the complete loan term. This means that home buyers using the Federal Housing Administration’s 3.5 percent down payment program will pay annual mortgage insurance for the loan’s full 30 years, regardless of whether the home appreciates to the point of having 22 percent equity or more.

Chris Doering Mortgage advises any potential Florida FHA borrowers to apply for an FHA loan at least ten days prior to the June 3 deadline, so they may still reap many of the program’s benefits by obtaining an FHA case number.

For more information call the mortgage professionals at Chris Doering Mortgage today at 352-244-0840.

FHA Insurance Premium Policy Changes for Consumers Beginning April 1

FHA raised the annual mortgage insurance premium on most loans that have a case number starting April 1 or later. Borrowers who want to get a mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration should act quickly to avoid changes the agency is making to shore up its faltering insurance fund.

Gainesville, FL (PRWEB) April 10, 2013

On April 1, the Federal Housing Administration raised the annual mortgage insurance premium. On mostFHA loans, the premium will increase by 0.10 percentage point or $100 per year for each $100,000 in loan amount. For loans greater than $625,000 with a term longer than 15 years, the increase will be 0.05 percentage point or $50 per year for each $100,000 loan amount.

These premium increases do not apply if a borrower refinances an existing FHA loan that was endorsed on or before May 31, 2009.

Additionally, FHA borrowers will have to continue paying annual mortgage premiums for a longer period of time. This change will apply to new loans with case numbers starting June 3. In the future, if the borrower starts off with a loan-to-value ratio above 90 percent, FHA will collect the premium for the life of the loan. If the original ratio is between 78 and 90 percent, FHA will cancel the premium if the balance drops below 78 percent of the original loan amount anytime after 11 years.


Chris Doering Mortgage Educating Their Loan Customers

New initiative aims to educate loan customers of Chris Doering Mortgage when applying for FHA loans.

Gainesville, FL – February 01, 2013

Chris Doering Mortgage has been serving the Gainesville, Florida area since 2007. Dedicated to providing quality customer service, they have put together a new initiative to educate their loan customers on FHA loan qualifications. The initiative breaks down the qualification process for an FHA loan into simple terms.

Considered the easiest type of loan to qualify for, FHA loan qualifications are pretty basic. FHA is first concerned with an individual’s income. An applicant should have a minimum of two years in steady employment and the income of those two years should be at the same pay rate or increasing. This allows the FHA to assess if the individual can pay their mortgage payments. The new mortgage payments should also not exceed 30% of the applicant’s gross income.

The FHA will follow up with a credit check. Credit reports should reflect no more than two thirty-day late payments in the last two years. Bankruptcies should be at least two years old, and the applicant should have perfect credit since. Foreclosures should be at least three years old, with perfect credit. An applicant’s credit score should be a minimum of 640.

If loan applicants can meet most or all of these requirements, FHA will most likely approve the application. Chris Doering Mortgage can work with their customers during the loan process and de-mystify qualifying for a mortgage and the process of buying a home. For more information on how Chris Doering Mortgage can help you through the FHA process contact us.