Chris Doering Mortgage – Gives Advice About Mortgage Refinancing

Chris Doering Mortgage in Gainesville, Florida, presents key information for homeowners who are interested in refinancing a mortgage. Chris Doering Mortgage specializes in conventional, VA, USDA and FHA loans and is committed to providing the best mortgage solutions available.

Gainesville, FL – December 04, 2012

Chris Doering Mortgage, a leading home loan mortgage lender in Gainesville, Florida, recently provided valuable information about mortgage refinancing. Chris Doering discusses the numerous advantages that refinancing has to offer, and provides key information about qualifying and the cost of mortgage refinancing for homeowners who are interested in refinancing.

“A mortgage refinance can be rewarding in many ways, and can achieve many different goals,” said Chris Doering, owner of Chris Doering Mortgage. “You can make your monthly mortgage payments more affordable by taking advantage of lower interest rates to reduce your monthly payment, simply lower your interest rate, go from an adjustable-rate into a fixed rate loan, take cash out, or pay off the loan in a shorter amount of time. Whatever your goal may be, we can help.”

When considering a homeowner’s eligibility for mortgage refinancing, the lender will consider several criteria, including income and assets, credit score, debt, the property’s value, and the amount that is being borrowed. In the past it may have been difficult to refinance if the loan-to-value ratio did not fall within specific lending guidelines or if the applicant owed more on the mortgage than was originally borrowed. But, thanks to the recent government initiatives to help homeowners whose property values have declined, it is now possible in some cases to refinance even in situations where the borrower owes more than the home is worth.

The costs associated with refinancing may include discount points, a fee to prepare the mortgage loan, an appraisal fee, an inspection fee, closing costs, homeowner’s insurance and other fees that depend on the type of mortgage that is being applied for. For complete information about refinancing a home through Chris Doering Mortgage, including an online application, visit their website here or call (352) 244-0840.