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Steve Spurrier First-Year Coach Award Winner Announcement

Gainesville, FL – January 17, 2022 – Tennessee coach Josh Heupel and South Carolina coach Shane Beamer are the co-winners of the Steve Spurrier First-Year Coach of the Year Award presented by the FWAA and Chris Doering Mortgage.  Spurrier was known for his innovation as a College Football Hall of Fame quarterback and coach, so it seems only fitting Spurrier would get creative in his first year as the namesake for the award.

“Well there are two coaches this year because they are both very deserving,” Spurrier said. “Preseason, their teams were picked next to Vandy at the bottom of the league, 12 and 13, but instead of gloom and doom they took their players and improved every game and both finished 7-6.”

It’s the second time the 43-year-old Heupel has won the award, which began in 2001 but is in its first year being sponsored by Doering and named after Spurrier.  Heupel, like Spurrier a former All-American quarterback in his day, was the FWAA First-year Coach of the Year at Central Florida in 2018.

Tennessee achieved a winning record coming off a 3-7 campaign that ended with the previous coach fired and the program under the cloud of an NCAA investigation.  The Vols lost 38 players off the previous team, including seven former starters to the portal, and Heupel went to work in a rapid reload circumstance.

One of the ways Heupel rebuilt Tennessee into a winning program was with a lightning-fast offense, that at times averaged more snaps per minute than any other Power 5 program.  Former Virginia Tech quarterback Hendon Hooker helped lead the way with 2,945 yards passing, 31 touchdowns and just three interceptions as Tennessee improved its scoring from 21.5 points per game in 2020 to 39.3 this season.

The Vols’ 6,174 total offensive yards in 2021 are the most in program history, eclipsing the previous mark of 5,794 set by the 1997 team led by Peyton Manning.

Beamer, son of celebrated Virginia Tech coach Frank Beamer, is the second South Carolina coach to win the award.

Spurrier actually won the award in 2005 in his first season leading the Gamecocks.

Beamer, 44, took over a downtrodden South Carolina team coming off a 2-8 campaign.  The Gamecocks scratched and clawed for each victory, from the time projected starting quarterback Luke Doty suffered a foot injury in August.

That led Beamer to get creative, perhaps in the spirit of Spurrier, and use graduate assistant coach Zeb Noland at the quarterback position.  When Noland went down with an injury, former St. Francis (Pa.) QB Jason Brown took over and led South Carolina to landmark wins over Florida and Auburn in his four starts.

Beamer’s QB rotation wasn’t finished: Dakeron Joyner, a quarterback in high school who played receiver at South Carolina, lined up under center in the bowl game against North Carolina.  Joyner won MVP honors as the Gamecocks beat the Tar Heels 38-21 in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl in Charlotte for the program’s first bowl win in four years.

South Carolina, notably, became only the second program in history to win games with four different quarterbacks in one season (Utah State, 2014).  Spurrier was impressed with Tennessee’s explosive offense all season, and then he was among the first to congratulate Beamer after the bowl win.

“It’s extremely important for coaches in their first year that they come in with no excuses,” Spurrier said. “They don’t say give me two or three years, they eliminate excuses, they take the team they got and add to it the best way they can, and they go out and compete.”

That’s what Spurrier did at all three Power 5 programs he led in his career.

Spurrier began his college head coaching career at Duke in 1987, where he had previously served as offensive coordinator from 1980 to 1982.

The Blue Devils improved from 4-7 to 5-6 in his first season, and by the time Spurrier left Durham in 1989 he led his team to a co-ACC championship title.

Spurrier’s turnaround at Florida was immediate in 1990, as he took a Gators’ bunch that was 7-5 in 1989 to a 9-2 season and a finish atop the SEC in his first year.

Spurrier led his alma mater for the next 11 years, winning six SEC championships and the 1996 national championship. He was also a five-time winner of SEC Coach of the Year during that time span.

After a brief stint in the NFL, Spurrier took over South Carolina in 2005 and led the Gamecocks to a 7-5 season that included wins over Florida and Tennessee in the same season for the first time in program history.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to sponsor the naming of the First-Year Coach Award for Coach Spurrier,” said Doering, former player for Spurrier in both college and NFL and currently a football analyst for SEC Network. “He was successful as a first-year coach at three different programs and he took great pride in each, assuming the reigns, immediately creating a culture that staff and athletes want to be a part of and achieving success in those efforts, that’s the very definition of this award.”

ABOUT FOOTBALL WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAFounded in 1941, the Football Writers Association of America consists of journalists, broadcasters, publicists, photographers and key executives in all areas of college football. The FWAA works to govern media access and gameday operations while presenting awards and honors, including an annual All-America team. For more information about the FWAA and its programs and initiatives, contact Executive Director Steve Richardson at 214-870-6516 or


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Mike Griffith, Freshman All-America Committee Chairman

Football Writers Association of America

(770) 845-3244

Freshman Player of the Year Award Winner Announcement

Gainesville, FL – January 17, 2022 – Record-breaking Georgia All-American tight end Brock Bowers has been named the recipient of the fourth annual FWAA Freshman of the Year presented by Chris Doering Mortgage.

“I think this guy is one of the premier players in college football,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said in the days leading up to the CFP Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium last Monday.

“I know he’s just a freshman, but this guy’s got great size, he’s a good blocker, physical and he’s tough,” Saban said. “He’s got wide receiver skills in every way, shape or form, which makes it difficult being a bigger guy for bigger guys to cover him and it makes it also difficult for smaller guys to cover him.  So this guy is just a phenomenal football player all the way around.”

The unquestioned most valuable player on the Georgia offense, Bowers led the Bulldogs with 56 catches for 882 yards and a program-record 13 receiving touchdowns.

“He’s really dynamic,” Michigan defensive coordinator Mike MacDonald said before Georgia beat the Wolverines in the CFP Semifinal Orange Bowl, 34-11. The thing that they do with him is he can play — he really plays every position. He’ll play the Z, the Y, the X, the move guy, the down guy. They’ll give it to him on reverses, screens. It’s pretty impressive.”

Bowers, who scored touchdowns in each of the last five games of the season, is the first player from Georgia and first tight end to win the award. A 6-foot-3, 230-pounder from Napa, Calif., Bowers came advertised with a 40-inch vertical leap and 4.5-second speed in the 40-yard dash.

UGA offensive coordinator Todd Monken knew what he had in Bowers even before the season started.

“You can hand the ball to him if you want to,” Monken said in August. “In his high school film, he played some fullback, in terms of route running. He’s another guy that’s a really diligent worker, he’ll run himself into the ground with how hard he works, runs and competes.”

Coach Kirby Smart chuckles when looking back at how the Bulldogs recruited him, largely off video during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This was a guy that would put his phone up and go run up a mountain or a hill out in Napa,” Smart said, “and sprint up the hill and back down the hill and send video of it. Like he was wired differently.”

Bowers led Georgia with 6 catches for 43 yards in a season-opening 10-3 win over Clemson a clash of then-Top 5 teams.  The next week, against UAB, Bowers showed speed that isn’t often associated with the tight end position, catching a short pass and taking it 89 yards against the UAB defense..

The former five-star talent continued to be the go-to guy for Georgia throughout the season, recording a season-high 10 catches for 139 yards and a TD in the Bulldogs’ first meeting with Alabama in the SEC title game.  Bowers proceeded to spark Georgia’s win over Michigan with three catches on the opening drive, including a 9-yard TD catch to open the scoring.

Bowers, the SEC Freshman of the Year and Newcomer of the Year, capped off his season in the 2022 CFP National Championship with a 15-yard score that gave Georgia a 26-18 lead en route to its first national title in 41 years.

“Today’s football is about creating matchup advantages for the offense and there’s no bigger matchup advantage than Brock Bowers,” said Chris Doering, former player, SEC Network football analyst and corporate sponsor of this year’s award. “His size, speed, strength and athleticism make him incredibly versatile. Georgia was able to move him around all over the field to create those matchup advantages that paid dividends all season long including in the biggest games at the biggest moments. It’s hard to believe Bowers was in high school last year as his acclimation to college football and the SEC seems to have been seamless.”

Previous winners of the FWAA Freshman of the Year Award winners have been: Trevor Lawrence (Clemson, 2018); Kenny Gainwell (Memphis, 2019); Will Anderson (Alabama, 2020).


Chris Doering Mortgage, based in Gainesville, FL, was established in April 2007 as a residential lending company providing mortgage products including conventional, FHA, USDA and VA loans. The branch is a division of – 3940 NW 16th Blvd., Suite A, Gainesville, FL 32605 – NMLS 70168/1937321. FHA Lender ID 2631500094. For more information, visit


Founded in 1941, the Football Writers Association of America consists of journalists, broadcasters, publicists, photographers and key executives in all areas of college football. The FWAA works to govern media access and gameday operations while presenting awards and honors, including an annual All-America team. For more information about the FWAA and its programs and initiatives, contact Executive Director Steve Richardson at 214-870-6516 or




Mike Griffith, Freshman All-America Committee Chairman

Football Writers Association of America

(770) 845-3244

8 Budgeting Tips That Let You Buy a Home Sooner

Buying a home is one of the largest investments you’ll likely ever make, so it requires preparation and forethought to get it right. When you’ve decided you’re ready to be a homeowner, the most important thing you can do is to ensure your personal finances are in order. If this is something you struggle with, follow our simple tips to set yourself up for success and be able to buy your Florida home sooner rather than later. 

Tips to Know 

  • Establish Your Household Income

The first thing to do is figure out your household income after tax, called your net income. To figure out your net income, you have first to know your gross income. To do this, look at your pay stubs and the amount shown before deductions are taken out is your gross. If you’re paid monthly, multiply this number by 12 to arrive at your annual income. If you’re paid weekly, multiply by 52, and if bi-weekly, multiply by 26. If you work irregular jobs or hours, you’ll have to add up your entire year’s income to get this amount. 

Next, subtract any relevant expenses, including retirement contributions, and medical and dental deductions, from your gross income amount to end up with your taxable income. Then, deduct what you owe in taxes, and the remaining number is your annual net income. 

Once you’ve established your household income, 

  • Identify Your Expenses

A mortgage will be only part of your monthly bills, so writing out all your expenses is crucial. This includes needs such as the following. 

  • Credit card bills
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Groceries
  • Tuition
  • Cable/internet 
  • Medical needs
  • Recreation
  • Clothing

What you have after you’ve deducted these amounts is what is known as your expendable income. One common rule is that only 28% of your gross monthly income should go to house-related expenses and 36% on total debts. Of course, everyone’s situation is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to determining an ideal expenditure amount. 

  • Calculate Monthly House Payment

Now that you’ve compiled your household income and gotten a grip on your overall expenses, it’s important to start planning how much home you can afford with a monthly house payment. It’s important to be realistic but also optimistic about this number. By following more of these steps, you may even be able to see your maximum monthly house payment grow!

  • Lower Your Spending 

Once you have a clear understanding of your monthly expenses, you can decide where to cut back on your spending. Maybe you’re spending too much money on eating out at restaurants or subscribing to services you don’t really need or even use. The more you can save in these areas, the more money you will have to put toward a down payment on your home. 

  • Handle Your Debt

Having outstanding debt isn’t an automatic rejection from being able to obtain a mortgage. But it is far easier to be approved with a higher, better score and at a better rate when you aren’t carrying excess debt. So, take the time leading up to your home purchase to pay down your debt as much as you can. For credit cards, it’s recommended you carry 30% or less of the limit. 

  • Review Your Credit Report and History

Reviewing your credit report is a free and easy proactive step to take every year. Not only does this help protect your identity from fraud, but it also helps you ensure you stay on track with your financial goals of buying a home. Did you know that you get access to a free copy of your credit report every year? You can pull your credit report annually to review information. The report itself can feel overwhelming so a few helpful areas to look out for to ensure accuracy include

  • Personal Information: Name, residential addresses (current and past), and employers (current and past)
  • Accounts: Financial accounts, no duplications, proper balances, payment schedules, accounts in collections
  • Inquiries: Recognizable companies that have pulled a credit check on you

Checking your credit report can give you a great starting point to know where you stand on your credit history and areas to improve your score. By improving your credit score, you’re showing that you are a responsible borrower who repays debts and helps back you for approval in financing.

  • Actively Save

This step may seem obvious, but one of the best things you can do when you want to buy a house is to save as much money as possible to contribute to your down payment. Generally speaking, a down payment can range from 3-20% of the home’s total price. Your mortgage lender can tell you what your down payment amount should be, or you can use our handy mortgage calculator, but no matter the amount, it will require putting money aside to be ready. 

In addition to your down payment, you’ll also have to pay closing costs. So when you’re planning on how much money your new home will cost, this amount must be considered too. The money you pay at closing may range from 2-5% of your home’s purchase price and include fees such as the following. 

  • Appraisal
  • Credit report
  • Tax services
  • Government recording
  • Lender’s origination  
  • Plan Ahead

Buying your home and moving in is only the beginning. It’s also wise to set aside some money for unexpected repairs or maintenance needs that can be shocking if you’re not ready. 41% of homebuyers in the last year are most worried about affording home repairs or maintenance in the coming 2 years. A good rule of thumb is saving 1% of your home’s value. But the more you put into this emergency savings, the better off you’ll be should something unforeseen happen — and any seasoned homeowner will tell you that needed repairs inevitably happen. 

Chris Doering Mortgage Is Your Homebuying Partner 

Buying a home in Gainesville, Florida, can be overwhelming, but with the winning team on your side, it’s easier and more enjoyable than you may think. At Chris Doering Mortgage, we’re passionate about knowledgeably guiding you every step of the way and getting you into a home you’ll cheer for and love for years to come. Contact our experienced team today to learn more about budgeting for your home and how we can help make it a breeze.

Chris Doering Mortgage to Sponsor FWAA All-America Team and Steve Spurrier First Year Coach Award

Gainesville, FL – July 29, 2021 – Chris Doering Mortgage has teamed up with the Football Writers Association of America (FWAA) for the sponsorship of its 2021 Freshman All-America Team including establishing Doering’s former coach, Steve Spurrier, as the namesake of the FWAA First-Year Coach Award.

This will be the 21st straight season in which the FWAA has named a Freshman All-America Team and the 20th consecutive year for the First-Year Coach, although the first time with a namesake for the award. Notable and recent past winners include Spurrier himself in 2005 with South Carolina, Notre Dame’s Tyrone Willingham (2002), Boise State’s Chris Peterson (2006), Oregon’s Chip Kelly (2009), Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher (2010), Ohio State’s Urban Meyer (2012), Auburn’s Gus Malzahn (2013), Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley (2017), UCF’s Josh Heupel (2018), Ohio State’s Ryan Day (2019) and Colorado’s Karl Dorrell (2020).

“Presenting this award in Coach Spurrier’s name is a no-brainer for me and for Chris Doering Mortgage,” Doering said. “Coach is on the Mount Rushmore of SEC coaches as the man who changed the way football was played in this conference. He was an amazing coach who changed the trajectory of my life as well as those of countless other players.”

Spurrier, former head football coach at Duke, Florida (his alma mater) and South Carolina, and Doering’s long standing relationship began when Doering walked on at Florida in 1991. Under Spurrier’s coaching and leadership, Doering developed into one of the greatest players in the history of the University of Florida and the Southeastern Conference, resulting in a collegiate career record 31 touchdown catches that until recently, remained the most in Florida and SEC history.

The pair would reunite as coach and player with the Washington Redskins during Doering’s 10-year career in the NFL and would remain closely associated for nearly three decades, so when the opportunity came to honor his former coach and mentor, Doering jumped at it.

“The First-Year Coach Award is perfect for Coach Spurrier because not only is he the all-time winningest coach at two different SEC schools, but he was able to win immediately at Duke, Florida and South Carolina despite not recruiting the majority of those rosters, illustrating how adept he was at connecting with his players and getting them to believe in themselves. I am humbled by the opportunity to honor Coach Spurrier for all that he has meant to college football, the SEC and to so many players like myself.”

Now a college football analyst for the SEC Network, as co-host of SEC Now, SEC Football Final, SEC This Morning, Doering also owns and operates Gainesville based Chris Doering Mortgage. The company agreed to sponsor the FWAA Freshman All-America Team with the inclusion of Spurrier as the namesake for the First-Year Coach Award.

“The FWAA is proud to partner with my ESPN colleague Chris Doering, and we’re thrilled to have Spurrier – one of the sport’s most colorful coaching personalities and success stories – as the namesake of the first-year coach award,” said FWAA President Heather Dinich. “They’re a terrific combination to help us honor the players who are only beginning to make their mark on the sport, and the coaches like Spurrier who overcome obstacles to find success during their first season with a program.”

Spurrier won the Heisman Trophy as a quarterback at Florida in 1966 and in 1986 was inducted as a player into the College Football Hall of Fame. His coaching career was equally impressive 228-89-2 as a collegiate head coach including six SEC titles and the 1996 national title at Florida. He was a seven-time SEC Coach of the Year honoree (twice at South Carolina, five times at Florida) and ACC Coach of the Year twice at Duke in the 1980’s.

FWAA Past President Mike Griffith (2007), now of Cox Enterprises, started the FWAA Freshman All-America Team in 2001 and has navigated the award through several different sponsors during the past two decades.

“Steve Spurrier is the ideal namesake for this (coaching) award, a game-changer and program maker at each of his collegiate head coaching stops,” Griffith said. “Spurrier provided his players a winning edge strategically and psychologically with his creativity and confidence, a truly unique legend of the game.”

Spurrier was chosen as the FWAA’s First-Year Coach in 2005 following his first season at South Carolina, with a 7-5 record including a berth in the Independence Bowl.

The announcement of the first Chris Doering Mortgage/FWAA Freshman All-America Team and Steve Spurrier First-Year Coach Award presented by Chris Doering Mortgage will occur in mid-January during a virtual event.

Doering and Spurrier are planning a February dinner to honor both the 2021 Chris Doering Mortgage/FWAA All-America Team and Steve Spurrier First-Year Coach. The site of the dinner in the state of Florida will be announced at a future time.


Chris Doering Mortgage, based in Gainesville, FL, was established in April of 2007 as a residential lending company serving the needs of the community with superior customer service and mortgage products including conventional, FHA, USDA, and VA loans. The branch is a division of – 3940 NW 16th Blvd., Suite A, Gainesville, FL 32605 – NMLS 70168/1937321. FHA Lender ID 2631500094. Committed to skilfully and ethically deliver the highest quality customer service throughout the mortgage process, Chris Doering Mortgage is second to none with a team of professionals that strive to exceed the expectations of clients and business partners while continually educating and adapting to the changing needs of the real estate industry. For more information, visit


The Football Writers Association of America, a non-profit organization founded in 1941, consists of more than 1,300 men and women across North America who cover college football for a living. The membership includes journalists, broadcasters and publicists, as well as key executives in all the areas that involve the game. The FWAA works to govern areas that include game-day operations, major awards, a national poll and its annual All-America teams. For more information about the FWAA and its award programs, contact Executive Director Steve Richardson at or 214-870-6516. For more information, visit


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Chris Doering, President
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Homeownership: The Benefits May Surprise You

Your home is more than just where you lay your head and where your heart is — it’s also one of the most significant financial investments you will ever make. While some of the advantages of homeownership are immediately apparent, there are some you may not think about as you consider purchasing a home. 

Aside from being a place to create treasured memories with your family, owning a house offers many financial benefits, and these advantages aren’t limited to tax season. June is National Homeownership Month, so it’s the perfect time to learn about why owning a home is a smart investment you can make for your future. 

Homeownership Financial Benefits

Build Wealth

Owning a home allows you to build your wealth over time as you strengthen your financial future. In a strong economy, home values increase, so owning a home is like putting your money into an investment account that continues to grow. However, it is important to note that this is only true if you buy a home you can afford and continue to afford for the life of your mortgage.  

Grow Equity

When you purchase a home, you are also amassing equity that you wouldn’t if you were renting. In a rental scenario, you pay your rent each month, and that money doesn’t accumulate. When you buy a home, you build equity as your home’s value increases and as you pay off more of what you owe on it. 

You are also able to use the equity you’ve built for home improvements or paying off other debt, to name just a few uses. At 78.6%, homeownership rates are highest among Americans aged 65 and older, indicating that equity also contributes to retirement savings for many. 

Predict Costs

When you rent, you aren’t guaranteed the same rate year over year. Rather, the amount you pay to live in your home is at your landlord’s discretion and subject to change. On the other hand, with homeownership, you most likely have a fixed rate and can better budget predictably for the life of your mortgage loan. Further, when you own your home, you can set goals such as installing more energy-efficient appliances that continue saving you money in the long run. 

Strengthen Credit 

Another benefit of homeownership is that a mortgage is sometimes referred to as “good debt” and increases your credit score provided you pay it on time. It may also help your creditworthiness when you apply for other forms of credit. 

Pay It Off 

A benefit that may be hard to fathom, especially if you have just started mortgage payments, is that you will eventually pay off your home loan. Once the terms of your mortgage have ended and your house debt is satisfied, you will be able to use the money you previously spent on your mortgage each month to invest elsewhere. 

Homeownership Tax Benefits 

At tax time, you can file for deductions for the mortgage interest and property taxes you have paid out in the previous year. As most of your mortgage goes toward owed interest rather than principal in the first few years of the loan, these deductions help put money back into your pocket. 

If you have private mortgage insurance (PMI), you may also be able to deduct these payments. And, if you’re in the first year of repaying your mortgage, you can also write off any mortgage points you have paid as well as the origination fees as part of your closing cost deduction. 

Chris Doering Mortgage Is Your Homeownership Dream Team

Are you tired of renting and ready to experience the many benefits of owning your own home? Finding trusted advisors to walk you through the mortgage process and be there for you long after closing is easier than you may think. Let the experienced team at Chris Doering Mortgage offer you our expert guidance on the mortgage that will best suit your family’s needs. Contact us today to find out more about how owning a home is a wise investment for your current and future financial health.

How to Build Your Home Buying Dream Team

If you are a potential home buyer who is unfamiliar with the industry, it can be overwhelming to know the processes’ inner workings and how it all fits together to take you from the mortgage pre-approval to move-in day at your new house. But, just as with football games, it takes a passionate, competent group of people working together behind the scenes toward a favorable outcome. These people make all the difference because without them, buying a home would be stressful, intimidating, and downright frustrating. Read on to learn who should be on your home buying dream team and how these important players make your home buying experience a positive one. 

The 6 People You Need in Your Home Buying Line-Up 

The Real Estate Agent 

As the person who may hold the key to showing you your dream home, your real estate agent plays a vital role in the process. A knowledgeable buyer’s agent can help you find exactly what you are looking for regarding your new home’s location, features, and price. They can also negotiate on your behalf to ensure you do not overpay for your home and may have the resources to notify you of pocket listings, homes that have not yet been released to the public. 

The Accountant 

Accountants on your home buying team provide valuable advice on the tax breaks that come from homeownership as well as any associated annual benefits. They can also help you ensure your finances are in optimal health for your monthly and long-term budgeting needs. 

The Home Inspector

A home inspection protects buyers by disclosing any existing defects that can cost the buyer in repairs later if not addressed before closing. These discoveries include the home’s structural and mechanical systems. Further, they are a snapshot of the future of your home and what may need to be fixed down the line. 

Some people confuse the home inspection with the property appraisal. The inspection reveals the home’s condition, while the appraisal tells you how much the home is worth. 

The Lender

Unless you are a cash buyer, your mortgage lender is an integral part of your home buying team, without whom purchasing a home may not be possible. Your mortgage lender underwrites your home’s purchase and fronts the funds you can pay back over time through your mortgage.  The lender should be the first party that you contact when beginning the home buying process.  It is imperative to know if you are qualified to buy and, if so, what price range you should be looking in.  A qualified, experienced loan originator will also help you customize your financing options to meet your immediate needs as well as your long-term goals.

The Attorney

Once you choose a home to buy, one of the first things you do is submit a purchase and sale contract. As this is a legally binding document, having an attorney on your side who can walk you through it and protect your interests is invaluable. Home purchasing requires understanding complex procedures and documents, including deeds, mortgages, court orders, and wills, and other legal rigmaroles not easily understood by the layperson. 

The Title Company 

A title company is responsible for verifying that a home’s seller legitimately owns the property they are selling and subsequently guaranteeing that information through title insurance. This insurance protects the lender and owner against financial losses and court defense costs if another party tries to lay a claim on the property later on. In some instances, the title company may also provide the home closing location, as that is where escrow accounts and closing costs are held. 

Chris Doering Mortgage Is Your All-Star Team

At Chris Doering Mortgage, our experienced loan originators and processing team are on your side as you allow us to knowledgeably walk you through the home-buying process with passion, competence, and excellence. Buying a home for yourself and your loved ones is a significant milestone, and you should not feel alone or uninformed. Contact us today and let Chris Doering Mortgage be the Most Valuable Player on your home buying dream team!